Of what I have seen, which I'm surprised to realize is not many, I'd rank like this:

7. The Happening

6. Lady in the Water

5. The Sixth Sense

4. The Village

3. Old

2. Signs

1. Unbreakable

I think the tough thing for me with The Sixth Sense is I figured it out during the movie. I remember thinking while watching it, oh that's clever and it will be interesting to see how the revelation comes out for the character and the audience. But then people talked about their shock so much that it lost its luster for me.

While Signs is what I've revisited the most, I was enthralled by Unbreakable. I think Old was a lot of fun and the ending raised enough open-ended questions about ethics from many angles that I was left satisfied in that "So who's right?" question to chew on sort of way.

I tried showing my kids Lady in the Water. One left. The other hasn't clamored to watch the rest after we had to stop it halfway through to leave for another event. That says a lot, unfortunately.

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I"m glad someone else is joining me in the "OLD is good" hive

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