Ask me again tomorrow and I'll say my most-anticipated 2023 movie is Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, but wow, my entire family is freakin' flippin' out to see Dune Part II. We just cannot wait!

The kids feel like they've outgrown Barbie and weren't excited for it. I tried to tell them it's by the same person who did Little Women, which they liked, so that helped. Then I showed them the 2001 style trailer and they LOVE 2001, so I think they're in for this.

They also really want to see Cocaine Bear. While young, they do okay with over-the-top gore stuff at home in a controlled environment (Psycho Goreman, for example). I'm going to see this one first and decide if they can handle it in the theater or wait for it at home.

What, no love for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 here?

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I am actually cooling off quite a bit on the MCU. I think Guardians will be fun and good but AM&TW is the movie I'm most excited for in that realm by a good chunk.

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